News 08 : 9 Feb 2013
The Poppies Awards Results 2012
Happy Chinese New Year, Fans!

The highly anticipated Poppies awards results are finally up! We are very happy that Hot Toys has again got great results this year, thanks to every one’s support!

For the fifth consecutive years, Hot Toys has been ranked as the Best Overall Company for its high quality movie-accurate collectible figures, this time taking the first place among judges and MWC readers, and second by MWC. Thanks for all the support as always and we will definitely bring more surprises to fans in our wide product ranges in 2013 and beyond!

“Like Best Picture and Best Director, the Best Company and Best Overall Line - High end tend to go hand and hand.” said For the Best Overall Line, Marvel’s The Avengers Series is the top of mind for Poppies, People’s and MWC’s Picks, while the Batman Series takes the second among judges and readers, both of which are our highlighted licenses of 2012.

For the Eddie Wires Award for Outstanding Paint, we are proud that The Joker Collectible Figure from Batman (1989) featuring the likenessof renowned actor Mr Jack Nicholson takes the first place from Poppies Picks, People’s Picks and MWC’s Picks. Thanks to our Chief Painter JC Hong for the marvelous painting! Taking the second place from Poppies Picks and People’s Picks is Samurai Predator which is our first project from our Artist Collection, specially designed and painted by Mr. Takayuki Takeya and sculpted by Mr. Yuji Oniki.

For the Best Male Figure 12 - 18", we are glad that almost all go to Hot Toys. The three favorites for the readers matched up with that from the judges, in exactly same order, with The Joker from Batman (1989) being the top, Batman from the same movie taking the second and Iron Monger from the Iron Man movie being the third. With the launch of the highly anticipated blockbuster Iron Man 3 early this year, hope that our Iron Man 3 collectibles will take the lead in the awards next year. As for MWC’s picks, Iron Monger and DXT800 are his favorite first and second place. Thanks very much for all the support!

As for the Best Female Figure over 11", Babydoll from Sucker Punch is very well received from Poppies Picks and People’s Picks taking up the first place, while her counterpart, Amber, takes the first place by MWC. Alice from Resident Evil: Afterlife is also one of the best picksamong judges, readers and MWC, taking up the second and third place respectively.

As for Best Vehicle or Playset award, the popular Suit Up Gantry with Mark IV takes the first place from MWC readers, and the second by judges. The Tron Lightcycle is also well received among judges and readers, taking the third place in both categories.

Last but not the least, the Best Designer/ Vinyl award winner goes to Batman Cosbaby among readers, and takes the third place among judges.

Thanks for each of your support and love for Hot Toys!

With many great movies – Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, G.I. Joe Retaliation, The Lone Ranger, Monsters University and so on coming up this year, we hope to provide a great variety of high quality movie-accurate collectibles for our fans to enjoy! Let’s keep it up in the years to come!

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