Incredibles 2
Cosbaby (S) Series
It’s been about 14 years since The Incredibles made its debut on the big screen, and the eagerly-awaited sequel is coming back in this summer. Throughout these years, the super-family grapples with balancing their quiet domestic life and superhuman abilities! While Elastigirl is preparing her return to the superheroes team, Mr. Incredibles is trying to survive as a perfect stay-at-home dad but soon discovered baby Jack-Jack’s secret emerging superpowers…

The newly introduced Incredibles 2 Cosbaby Series stand approximately 8.5 - 12cm tall includes the fan-favorite super Parr family each with different inborn special power, Edna Mode the super-suit designer as well as Hot Toys original character, Movbi in the most eye-catching red and black jumpsuit.

A collectible set with five Parr members suit up in their Incredibles hero suit is available whereas Elastigirl and Dash moving in supersonic speed comes exclusively. The star family features muscular Mr. Incredible and the speedster Dash with twistable waist, Elastigirl comes in extended arms with embedded wires allowing a variety of poses, while teenage Violet with translucent lower body and super powerful Jack-Jack and Mr. Incredible with rotatable eye balls!

In addition to the Incredibles family set, Edna Mode and Jack-Jack Cosbaby (S) Collectible Set are offered to fans features a smiling Jack-Jack sitting in his baby diaper and the designer Edna Mode who altered the traditional design of the superhero’s custom.

The recently debuted Hot Toys’ original character Movbi who enjoys the movies will return in this series. A special box of two including baby Jack-Jack with translucent fire effect and Movbi dressed up in the iconic Incredibles suit will be available for purchase as well.

Two alternative version of Jack-Jack are also included in this series, Jack-Jack with transparent eyes that imitate the laser eyes in the movie, and angry Jack-Jack with eye ball rotation function.

Pick up everyone’s favorite family of superheroes in Incredibles 2 that engineered to play to kids and grown-ups in equal measure.
  • Product CodeCOSB473 - COSB482
  • Product NameIncredibles
  • HeightApproximately 8.5 – 12cm tall
  • Points of Articulations1
  • Special FeaturesIncredibles 2 characters in stylized Cosbaby form
  • ArtistsHead Sculpted by N/A.
    Head Painted by N/A.
    Head Art Directed by N/A.
Special Features:

- Incredibles 2 characters in stylized Cosbaby form
- Approximately 8.5 – 12cm tall
- Elastigirl and Dash are exclusively featured in “The Incredibles Cosbaby (S) Collectible Set”
- Movbi approximately 12cm tall and Jack – Jack are exclusively featured in “The Incredibles Movbi & Jack-Jack Cosbaby (S) Collectible Set”
- Edna Mode and Jack-Jack are exclusively featured in “Edna Mode & Jack-Jack Cosbaby (S) Collectible Set”
- Non-articulated figure