Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head
“In your universe, there is only one Spider-Man. But there is another universe. It looks and sounds like yours, but it’s not.” – Miles Morales

Launched last year, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse turned out to be a massive hit! Brought a comic-like experience to the big screen, this incredible story about the importance of family, teamwork, and believing in yourself, follows Miles Morales, a teen who became Spider-Man of his realist, crossing his path with five counterparts from other dimensions to stop a threat for all realities!

Today, Hot Toys is excited to present the latest Cosbaby based on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Each Cosbaby from the series stands approximately 7 – 9.5cm in height with specially designed bobble-head function. Features Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, Peter B. Parker, Spider-Ham and Spider- Man Noir with additional magnetic function; a Hooded Version of Miles Morales with a city-themed base, and Peni Parker and SP//dr which measures around 13.5cm tall!

Revisit this amazing Spider-Man production with bright visuals and great action with Hot Toys Cosbaby collections!
  • Product CodeCOSB635 - COSB641
  • Product NameCosbaby
  • HeightApproximately 7 – 9.5cm tall
  • Points of Articulations0
  • Special FeaturesSpider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse characters in stylized Cosbaby form
  • ArtistsHead Sculpted by N/A.
    Head Painted by N/A.
    Head Art Directed by N/A.
Special Features:

- Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse characters in stylized Cosbaby form
- Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Heads are approximately 7 – 9.5cm tall
- Peni Parker and SP//dr Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head is approximately 13.5cm tall
- ‘Miles Morales Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head’, ‘Spider-Gwen Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head’, ‘Peter B. Parker Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head’, ‘Spider-Ham Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head’ and ‘Spider-Man Noir Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head’ are equipped with magnetic function
- Non-articulated figure with bobble-head

Release date: Approximately Q3 - Q4 ,2019

**Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
**Product details can subject to change without further notice

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